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We offer several guided tours with one of our guides. During these excursions they’ll take you around the most beautiful and special places in Volendam, Marken and the rest of old Holland. If you want to book a guided tour or if you require more information, please send us a mail with your personal information and the date you wish to book your tour. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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Fred van der Wijck

Fred van der Wijck was born in Hollandia Dutch New Guinea and since his twelved raised in Volendam. This multilingual dock captain from the Volendam-Marken Express will be happy to tell you everything about the Old Holland area.

Crelis Kes

Crelis Kes, born and raised in Volendam. Since his childhood Crelis is guiding tourists through his lovely Volendam. Crelis is not only a talented accordeonist player but also a real storyteller.